Photography by Hugo Comte

Photography by Hugo Comte

Goldilox's story is about perseverance. A rebellious attitude influenced by a diverse list of the greats.. everyone from the Dungeon Family , Michael, Jackson, Kid Cudi to even Dolly Parton. Fearless figures that haven't so much inspired her sound but have inspired her to seek her own individuality.  Born and raised in Cape Breton, Canada.. music took her Los Angeles and then finally land in Paris since 2015. A taste for the unknown that forges her vision and that transpires through her music.

“I want to be around inspiration, and what inspires me right now is being here in Paris. Here, uniqueness is encouraged. You gotta go where you can grow. I feel like I'm student in Paris, I am taking all it's magic in and it's coming out not only into my music, but into everything I do”

Goldilox comes out of the clichés of another beautiful woman who sings. In her lyrics, she tells without filter her adventures, her encounters on two continents, her disillusions too. A way for her to find herself, and proclaim an unlimited artistic freedom.

With a rare honesty, Goldilox exhumes memories with details and delivers with passion. Produced by theonlyG, the pair found a balance between totally hedonistic moments and those of the most intimate confessions. An emotional contrast that is noticed listening to her songs. A musical offering a of 808's, tribal inspired drums, studio 54 and sometimes completely exploding into mesmerizing electronic loops. The production, voice and lyrics seem to also be changing in high contrast.

“I’m really competitive, when I work with G it's a lot of back and forth. We try to top each others ideas.. it gets pretty intense. It's a strange and amazing combination that most people don't understand. I recommend working with someone that ignites a certain fire in you.. Fire is energy and you need a lot of energy in order to execute. Just the sheer amount of content we are pushing out between the two of us gets me tripping. What Jean Paul is to Grace Jones.. Thats G to me."

Goldilox's taste for risk continues even in the aesthetics of her music videos. Like Sharon Stone or Michelle Pfeiffer, she embodies characters of strong and more complex women. One more facet to add to the portrait of this artist who doesn't care to fit into any box.. Forging her own way. Goldi's season is here to last.